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Magic Recap

Reflecting this morning on my first Magic trade show way back in 2003. Seventeen years have gone by and I still have the same feeling in 2020 as I did then. I love streetwear.
Fashion goes through peaks and valleys, as well as trends. Lots.
Somehow Flow Clothing Company has managed to survive these peaks and valleys and trends. That’s a testament to the dedication we have. It’s hard out here, but as I’ve said the entire time of Flows existence, it’s because of you, our clientele, that keep the dream alive. Thank you for that.
I’m hoping for a resurgence, and speaking of that, it was nice to see the relaunch of Crooks & Castles, a brand we had much success with in our heyday. We will be welcoming the brand back with open arms. The quality and the integrity are still there.
Cookies remains the strongest brand by far, in our genre, but there looks to be another up and comer in the form of Planes which is owned by Jay Z. We’re hoping to be a door for this brand in the near future. Ethik is a brand we’ve had moderate success with and will be doing small runs of soon.
Gone are the days of fifteen selling brands on our shelves and racks. Flow Clothing Company will carry the top five though, you can bet on that.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, and as always, your feedback is welcome.
Let’s make 2020 a year of resurgence in the streetwear world which Flow Clothing Company revolves around. 
           Thank you